Fab Find | The Fringe Jacket

Although I was initially more than a bit wary of fall's fringe jacket fashion trend, I've come to appreciate it in the past few weeks. With 70s style coming back with full vengeance (but then again, when did it ever leave?), the fringe jacket is the ultimate piece of fall hippie statement fashion. But dress with caution as fringe is super tricky to pull off especially in jacket form. The golden rule is to never do fringe with fringe as you'd look like a walking car wash. Instead, keep the rest of the outfit simple while intact with 70s flair. Layer the jacket with a simple tee tucked into dark flared jeans or wear it over a loose-fitting black dress finished off with ankle boots. And if you want to go extra boho, add a fedora.

Most fringe jackets are suede or suedette which can look super cheap if the material is thin or flimsy so pick one that's on the thicker side. And lastly, I wouldn't invest on a fringe jacket as it's a trend that's on the fringe and will most likely evaporate before winter's snow melts which is why I'm keen on these affordable pieces which will keep you warm and inside the fringe of good style!

Transition Style | These Colors Won't Run From Summer

Taking my Show Your Mumu summer red and white striped dress into fall with just a few tweaks!

Weekend Style | Lace, Polo, and Rosè

It was all about lace and Rosè at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers Park!

Date Night Style | Fall Criss-Cross

I am combining three of my favorite fall pieces into a fun outfit perfect for date night!

Beauty | Fake It "Til You Look It

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Being a blogger and a lawyer, I'm often switching between two very different hats. During the day, I'm activating the logical, organized, analytical, and well-versed-in-legalese part of my brain. At nightfall, the power suit is swapped for a floral maxi as I'm soaking in visual inspiration, channeling abstraction, and stringing together flowery adjectives in the creation of my blog posts. With so much to do on a daily basis, I don't always (if ever) get eight hours of sleep. And although I'm perpetually in the red when it comes to sleep, it doesn't mean I have to be blood shot and looking like an extra from The Walking Dead. 

By taking care of my skin, mind, and body, I've managed to mask the fact that I'm both a night owl and morning rooster, and I'm super excited to share a few of my tips for looking rested even when I'm so not. Yoga has always been my saving grace for clearing my mind and skin. 

Yoga has always been my saving grace for clearing my mind and skin. Yoga poses along with sweating out toxins stimulates blood circulation creating a healthy glow. The poses also aid with healthy digestion which is extremely important for promoting healthy skin!

Fitness Style | Best New Workout Classes in LA

Sharing my fall athleisure outfit and a roundup of the best and most effective new fitness classes in LA!

Travel Style | Brussels Indulgence

The last leg of our Europe trip was pure indulgence where we dined like kings, drank like sailors, and slumbered like Rip Van Winkle at the regal Le Plaza Hotel Brussels.

Fab Find | The Oversized Printed Scarf

The oversized printed scarf is one of the biggest fall 2015 fashion trends and tears straight from the pages of Parisian street style. Drape it over a monochromatic outfit for a pop of color, wrap it over a crisp winter coat and cozy sweater combo to complete your fall layers, or if you live in LA, pretend it's cold outside and wear the scarf with t-shirt and shorts. No matter how you wear it, it's guaranteed to be a tres chic style accessory that's effortless to pull off.

Here are a few of my favorite fall scarves that are styled to sell!

Travel Style | Mad Hatter

I picked up this Esprit fedora in Amsterdam and it didn't leave my head the rest of the trip!

Travel Style | Forest Florals

Wearing florals while driving through the Black Forest in Germany.