Fab Find | The Fringe Jacket

Although I was initially more than a bit wary of fall's fringe jacket fashion trend, I've come to appreciate it in the past few weeks. With 70s style coming back with full vengeance (but then again, when did it ever leave?), the fringe jacket is the ultimate piece of fall hippie statement fashion. But dress with caution as fringe is super tricky to pull off especially in jacket form. The golden rule is to never do fringe with fringe as you'd look like a walking car wash. Instead, keep the rest of the outfit simple while intact with 70s flair. Layer the jacket with a simple tee tucked into dark flared jeans or wear it over a loose-fitting black dress finished off with ankle boots. And if you want to go extra boho, add a fedora.

Most fringe jackets are suede or suedette which can look super cheap if the material is thin or flimsy so pick one that's on the thicker side. And lastly, I wouldn't invest on a fringe jacket as it's a trend that's on the fringe and will most likely evaporate before winter's snow melts which is why I'm keen on these affordable pieces which will keep you warm and inside the fringe of good style!