My Vivace Microneedling Experience

In my never-ending quest to fight the laws of gravity, I recently discovered the anti-aging benefits of the Vivace Experience®

Harnessing the dual powers of microneedling and radiofrequency, the Vivace Experience® is a powerful FDA cleared RF device designed to minimize fine lines, tone, lift, and stimulate collagen production. Each minimally invasive treatment lasts 40 minutes long and requires zero downtime.

I've always been a vocal proponent of utilizing natural and non-surgical skincare technology to maintain and prolong youthful skin so I knew I had to try the Vivace Experience®. At Enhance Medical Spa Beverly Hills, my esthetician applied a layer of numbing cream to prep my skin for a seamlessly painless experience. Once my face was completely numb, she started the treatment. I could barely feel anything, just a slight tickle and a zapping sound every time the device touched my face. The treatment took about 15 minutes followed by the application of a soothing and hydrating face mask. There truly was no downtime as my skin showed no signs of post-treatment redness or puffiness.