Leighton's Lovely Style

When it comes to GG fashion, my radar has always been on Blake Lively. After all, she's the bohemian wild child with the statuesque figure who makes headlines with her bare all red carpet gowns, stolen nude pics, and clandestine relationship with A-listers like my celeb love, Leo Dicaprio. Hence, I've never really given much notice to Leighton Meester's fashion choices and had dismissively and automatically assumed that her personal style mirrors that of her on-screen persona, the preppy and conservative Blair Waldorf.

So, when I saw the following sets on Polyvore, I immediately realized I'd been so very wrong about Leighton. She definitely stays ahead of the fashion curve by capturing a style that is all her own-edgy and a bit grungey but in a very classic way. She loves to play with colors and silhouettes and is not the least bit scared to dress outside the box and play up her outfits with "it" accessories. Move over B, there's a new fashion queen bee in town.

Leighton Meester style

Leighton Meester.

Leighton Meester Style

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