Friday, April 18, 2014

{GBF Loves Coachella} Off The Beaten Path

Typically, my days are planned to the nanosecond as Jenny the lawyer hates leaving things to chance but I always go with the flow at Coachella as the mere flutter of a butterfly's wing can alter the course of everything. And that's exactly what happened on Coachella Sunday. My day kicked off poolside at The Ingleside Inn BMF Music Lounge sipping mojitos while swaying to hip hop jams alongside NAS and friends. Then we hopped next door to the GUESS Hotel at the Viceroy to soak in just a bit more sun before heading out to the Indio desert. 

But things took an unexpected turn while driving down Indian Canyon Road in my friend's JEEP Rubicon. Our vantage point was city life to the left and rocky mountains sublimely flanked by the afternoon sun to our right. And in a split second, the four of us decided to veer off the road and up into the mountains for a bumpy desert excursion. With no doors on the JEEP, not only could we see the ground beneath us and the tires grinding on each rock, I could feel my hair whip lashing across my face and taste the dirt particles in my mouth. When the car finally stopped, we were in the middle of nowhere with no soul in sight and the city a distant spec. We stayed there, soaked in the experience, and enjoyed every single moment.

My striped cap sleeve pintuck GUESS top and denim cut-off shorts were the perfect companions for my desert adventure as the breathable semi-sheer top and comfortable shorts kept me cool and agile. The outfit was yet another versatile look that fits in equally at fabulous pool parties and rugged terrains. Without a doubt, our afternoon spent off the beaten path with friends I'd happily get lost in the desert with was one of my favorite Coachella moments.

top {Guess}
denim shorts {Guess c/o}
denim shirt {Guess c/o}
ankle boots {Guess "Sana" c/o}
sunnies {Warby Parker "Hall" c/o}

{live fabulously}


Thursday, April 17, 2014

{GBF What I Wore to Rivabella} Hide the Food Baby

 I always find myself starved by the end of every Coachella weekend. With so much to do, see, and hear, eating takes a backseat. So last week, I pre-plumped with a decadent dinner at Rivabella. Sitting on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the restaurant is a sprawling display of lush Tuscany farmhouse meets Weho chic. The fare is classic Italian with a few modern twists that satisfies every taste bud. 

The refreshing sea bream crudo and generously stacked caprese salad were my favorite starters and piqued my appetite for the rest of the meal. I've never meet a pasta I didn't devour and the pappardelle drenched in lamb ragu was no different as it stirred up delicious memories of dining moments in Tuscany. Each bite of the bone-in ribeye melted in my mouth as the flavor of the rosemary olive oil was the perfect pairing for the juicy red meat. And just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, a towering cronut stuffed with vanilla almond cream flirted with my waistline. Each bite of the flaky cronut oozing with sweetness was heaven on earth and before I knew it, the entire tower had disappeared into the darkness of my stomach. I went to sleep that night nurturing a happy food baby.  

In anticipation of my big Italian feast, I decided to wear my wide leg elastic waist Three Dots pants so I could eat with abandon. I dressed it up with a flowy pleated tank top from Line & Dot and a dressy tweed jacket from McGinn. I also brought out my new Sheena Sujan Adora tote to play as I love the boxy style and the not so overpowering petite size The outfit is the perfect Saturday night camouflage to hide food babies.

photos by Rachael

tank top {Line & Dot | in pink}
pants {Three Dots c/o}
tweed jacket {McGinn "Reina"}
purse {Sheena Sujan "Adora" c/o}
collar necklace {Samantha Wills c/o}
watch {Guess}

{live fabulously}


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{GBF Loves Coachella} Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini

Warning. Get ready for a bombardment of Coachella photos and stories in the coming weeks because I'm itching to share every fabulous moment! 

We stayed at a condo in Palm Desert midway between the fashion parties in Downtown Palm Springs and the festival action in Indio. Stepping into our condo was like stepping onto the set of Mad Men as every piece of furniture and fixture seem to be immaculately preserved from the 1950s. It was the perfect reprieve from the Coachella craziness as each night we were surrounded by the aura of nostalgia while stepping into my favorite era. 

My Guess two-piece bathing suit from Swimspot fit right in at our retro pad. With summer on the horizon, I've been on the hunt for suits in cute prints in high waist styles so this was absolutely perfect. Molded cups, adjustable straps, and a fitted back clasp keep the top on the supportive side while the high waist holds everything in so I can eat with reckless abandon without having to think about sucking my stomach in. Because when I'm at Coachella, the last thing I want to do is hold anything in. It's one of the few times I get  lost and let myself go. 

 bathing suit {Guess "Dottie n Nice" via Swimspot}
blouse {Motel Clothing | dress version}
sandals {boohoo "Frances" c/o}
hat {Magid c/o | similar}
frames {ZeroUV c/o | sunnies version}

{live fabulously}


Thursday, April 10, 2014

{GBF Loves Coachella} Packing Everything But the Kitchen Sink

My first introduction to Western music was at age 10 via KOST 103.5 FM, LA's easy listening radio station playing loves songs and music you'd hear inside elevators and waiting rooms. But that was already pretty exciting for me. Growing up in Shanghai, aside from enduring my parents' Laser Disc karaoke battles and bopping along to The Smurfs theme song, I had zero exposure to music. So when I turned on KOST and heard New Kids On the Block for the first time, I felt like I had entered another dimension. Although they had already disbanded (I didn't know), I taped NKOTB posters all over my room and from ages 10-12, I kissed Joey McIntrye every night before going to sleep.

Music was my outlet as songs reflected and comforted my emotional state and brought me to both a place of escape and a place of truth. And that's what I love about Coachella. It's a three-day escape from reality so that each can journey closer to their truths. Plus, the parties are pretty fabulous.

This is what I'm bringing on my Coachella 2014 journey. I hope you will take part in it by following me on Instagram and twitter. See you in the desert!

{what I'm bringing for the pool parties}
Guess polka dot retro bathing suit
ZeroUV frames | Guess polka dot bathing suit | Giorgio Armani "Rouge Ecstacsy"

{what I'm bringing for the festival}
2 piece motel clothing tank and shorts
Modcloth flower crown | NCLA flower nails | Motel Clothing tank and shorts coordinates | Warby Parker "Hall" | Superga sneakers that will go the distance

{what I'm bringing for the after parties}
lace top denim high waist Guess shorts
danceable Guess ankle booties | lace tank | Guess denim shorts | pop of jewelry via Samantha Wills

{what I'm bringing to stay light on my feet}

Sneak-a-ttack in Converse pink | Paul Frank yellow | Superga green

{what I'm bringing to look good}

Secret deodorant | Rimmel London matte foundation | Physican's Formula nude eyeshadow palette, blush, mascara, and BB cream | NCLA nail wraps | Sexy Hair Style Disaster Days "SDD" Prevention Kit

{what I'm bringing to feel good}

Dr. Lin Acne Cleansing Wipes | Sonya Dakar travel kit | Clarins hair and body oil spray sunblock | SkinAgain "Rescue" lotion for burns and scraps

{what I'm keeping on me}

Paul Frank backpack | Sonya Dakar smoothie packs | Lancome lip gloss | Caudaulie beauty elixir | Clinique "Happy Heart" perfume spray | hand sanitizer | Tangle Teezer hairbrush | Sexy Hair dry shampoo | McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse burger gift card | vitamin pack | Mr. Kate beauty mark tattoos| journal | Halo pocket charger | fish eye phone lens

{what I absolutely need to survive Coachella 2014}

{live fabulously}