Investing in Timeless Pieces

Investing in diamond jewelry never goes out of style.
    Dress: Reformation
Sandals: Andres Assous
        Earrings: Bottega Veneta
Experiencing a year in lock down has really given me an opportunity (and time) to reflect on many things including my tendency to spend frivolously and mindlessly. I went through several closet purges in the last year throwing away clothing, shoes, and accessories that I never wore and were purchased on a whim or on sale. From now on I'm determined to shop with intention and to see every purchase as an investment. And I can't think of a better investment than diamond rings. On Mother's Day, I was gifted an Effy Jewelry emerald and diamond ring in a vintage style that screams heirloom jewelry. It's such a delicate piece and I've been wearing it alongside a few other favorites like my Gelin Gold Honeycomb Ring and my dainty Mejuri diamond pave band

My purchases have certainly not been a flash in the pan as I can see myself wearing them for year to come fulfilling my intention of investing instead of buying wardrobe classics.