Travel Style | Brussels Indulgence

The last leg of our Europe trip was pure indulgence where we dined like kings, drank like sailors, and slumbered like Rip Van Winkle at the regal Le Plaza Hotel Brussels.

In Brussels, I threw caution to the wind and gorged on chocolates and fries day and night. We even went on a three-hour chocolate tour to make sure we covered all our grounds. It was the last stop on our trip, the perfect time to let go of self-control. Brussels is a glamorous city that bears a striking resemblance to Paris. The cobblestone streets are clustered with romantic restaurants, dainty and intricate shops, and the world's oldest shopping mall. It's indulgence at every corner.

We stayed at the Le Plaza Hotel Brussels, a luxurious five star hotel exuding old world elegance. Our spacious suite floated with natural light grounded with views of the city while the stately grand ballroom and lobby are rich in color and history and a perfect match for the saturated print of my Black Halo dress.  I wore this dress to dinner at a Michelin star restaurant on our first night in Brussels. It's the fanciest dress I packed for the trip and one of my current love as I can't get over the sultry front slit and equally sultry one-shoulder style. 

We had a wonderful time in Brussels and spent many hours perched atop vista points people watching, city gazing, and truffle tasting. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter ending to a fabulous summer Europe trip!

Side note: Black Halo is having an LA sample sale Oct 23-24 at 648 Mateo Street. Almost everything will be less than $100!