I Found You A Moment Too Late

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of deeply discounted Marcello Toshi coral peep toe heels. The shoes rank high on the comfort meter and the style is absolutely adorable. Each pair of the shoes are handmade in Peru and all of the styles incorporate a ladylike vintage flair. After a little more research, I found out that the brand is no longer, much to my chagrin. And sadness.

Perhaps I should start a facebook fan page to reinvigorate the brand. Or find investors who are as as equally rich as they are obsessed with shoes.
My coral beauties!

Other beauties from the hereinafter defunct line

Getting Fit, Staying Home

As the result of the unusually cold and wet winter in LA, I've frequented the gym and fitness studios much less this past season. So, in order to maintain an active workout regimen, I've purchased and have been working out to fitness dvds. By incorporating the dvds into my strength training workouts, (yoga, pilates, weights)  I've been able to maintain my fitness level without even stepping outside the front door.

My favorite workout dvd is Jillian Michael's "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism." This 40-minute circuit workout will increase your heart rate with seven challenging intervals promised to turn up the burn and peel off the pounds. It's a cardio workout with no weights and incorporates a lot of explosive pylometrics and compound bodyweight exercises. Jillian is a tough cookie and does not let you rest so you're guaranteed to be breathing hard and sweating profusely through the 40 minutes. Because no weights are used, a lot of jumping is incorporated into the workout so I wouldn't recommend doing it if you have hardwood floors and sensitive downstairs neighbors.

I've also started working out to Physique 57's "Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout." The concept behind Physique 57 is similar to cardio barre/bar method classes. The focus is on isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches that tones your seat, abdominals, thighs and arms; strengthens your legs and back; and improves posture. The instructions are pretty simple to follow while the intensity is definitely on par with my bar method classes. I find isometric toning to be much more effective than pilates and have been gradually replacing mat pilates classes with this dvd. 

Keeping An Eye Out for Aritzia

I recently heard about a chain of boutiques called Aritzia. The first boutique opened in1984 in Canada and has been expanding its way down south to select cities in the US, gaining popularity and a cult following. The brands carried by the store are all wearable, affordable and represent a feminine sensibility. I'm hoping Aritzia will open a store in LA in the near future! Currently, they only have two stores in CA-one in San Francisco and the other in Santa Clara.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from what's currently available in Aritzia stores:








LeAnn Rimes, Then and Now...

I am shocked to see how LeAnn Rimes has transformed from a bubbly and chubby young country singer to a gaunt woman with zero body fat. She's seemingly obsessed with losing weight and working out.

I think she's been overtaken by the "no such thing as too thin" epidemic. 

What do you think? Is LeAnn Rimes too thin?

That was then....(2008)

This is now....Feb, 24, 2011

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Rodarte State of Matter Exhibit with the Talented Mulleavy Sisters

A few Fridays ago, I attended the opening night reception of the Rodarte "State of Matter" exhibit at the Pacific Design Center. The exhibit featured costumes from The Black Swan and from the Rodarte Spring 2011 collection. It was such a treat to see the delicate works of art up close and personal! Each design was full of intricate details, hand-woven embroideries and exuded the spirit of haute couture. Upon seeing the black and white swan costumes worn by Natalie Portman in the movie, my friend and I were shocked to see how tiny her waist is! Without exaggeration, it is that of a 10 year old!

Laura and Kate Mulleavy hosted the reception. They're both super laid-back and completely grounded. It was an refreshing experience to talk to them and get a quick glimpse into their creative thought process.

With Laura Mulleavy, one half of the genius behind Rodarte

Yup, that's Mischa Barton in the ill-fitted vintage kaftan. I always seem to bump into her at exhibit openings!

As My Obsession Continues...

Nude. Spring. Can't get enough! I just love the femininity and delicacy of a neutral color palette.

Mango Spring 2011, the Nude Collection

The GAP Project LA Fashion Week

I had a great time at The GAP Project LA fashion show. It was in an empty gallery space in the heart of downtown LA and was much more low key than the other LA fashion week events. The show highlighted an array of local designers. Unfortunately, my camera's batteries ran out so I only have some pre-event and backstage pictures.

I heart this dress by Darling! The cut and floral pattern are so ladylike and versatile. I can totally see myself wearing the dress to work, brunch with the girls, or to a fashion show! 
Pumps: Manolo Blahnik
Purse: Fendi Secret Code

I so badly wanted to take this pink chiffon ballerina dress home with me!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself at all the LA fashion week festivities, I'm happy it's over and that my weeknights are mine again!

Style Fashion Week Go Red For Women Fashion Show

Thursday night's Style Fashion Week LA fashion show featured a special celebrity runway presentation/live auction that benefited the American Heart Association. I love it when fashion supports great causes!

Silent auction featuring lots of bling and a selection of Lakers memorabilia. 

Vibiana, hauntingly beautiful

Since it was St. Patrick's Day, i subtly celebrated the holiday by wearing this lovely teal kimono dress/top courtesy of Darling. As stated in a previous post, I'm very much obsessed with the British brand and cannot wait to get my hands on their Fall 2011 pieces! When I went to pick up this top during LA market week, their showroom was packed with buyers. Many orders were placed so expect to see a LOT more from this brand in the coming seasons!

The fashion show finale. The red gowns were simply stunning!

Sample Sale-ing for a Great Cause-3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim at a discount. Help Japan. 


THV PR Presents: LA Fashion Night

Last night's THV Fashion Show was held at the Supperclub in Hollywood. The club transformed into a cool and modern runway space and was packed to the brim with fashion revelers-the staff did a great job of making sure no trampling of their guests took place. While walking to my seat, I noticed that R&B singer Ray J (Brandy's kid brother) was right next to me. I was taken aback by his height, or rather lack of! He barely came up to my nose and I wasn't even wearing sky high platforms.

Dress: reworked vintage 
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Purse: Chanel
Bracelet: Express

The runway show highlighted the Fall 2011 collection of four designers: Ghita, J.C. Rags, Tony Cohen, and Adolfo Sanchez. I'm not too familiar with any of the brands so it was nice to treat my senses to four sets of new fashion palettes.

Here are some of my favorite looks from each designer:


J.C. Rags

Tony Cohen

Adolfo Sanchez

Runway photos courtesy of lafashionweek.com