Rodarte State of Matter Exhibit with the Talented Mulleavy Sisters

A few Fridays ago, I attended the opening night reception of the Rodarte "State of Matter" exhibit at the Pacific Design Center. The exhibit featured costumes from The Black Swan and from the Rodarte Spring 2011 collection. It was such a treat to see the delicate works of art up close and personal! Each design was full of intricate details, hand-woven embroideries and exuded the spirit of haute couture. Upon seeing the black and white swan costumes worn by Natalie Portman in the movie, my friend and I were shocked to see how tiny her waist is! Without exaggeration, it is that of a 10 year old!

Laura and Kate Mulleavy hosted the reception. They're both super laid-back and completely grounded. It was an refreshing experience to talk to them and get a quick glimpse into their creative thought process.

With Laura Mulleavy, one half of the genius behind Rodarte

Yup, that's Mischa Barton in the ill-fitted vintage kaftan. I always seem to bump into her at exhibit openings!