The GAP Project LA Fashion Week

I had a great time at The GAP Project LA fashion show. It was in an empty gallery space in the heart of downtown LA and was much more low key than the other LA fashion week events. The show highlighted an array of local designers. Unfortunately, my camera's batteries ran out so I only have some pre-event and backstage pictures.

I heart this dress by Darling! The cut and floral pattern are so ladylike and versatile. I can totally see myself wearing the dress to work, brunch with the girls, or to a fashion show! 
Pumps: Manolo Blahnik
Purse: Fendi Secret Code

I so badly wanted to take this pink chiffon ballerina dress home with me!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself at all the LA fashion week festivities, I'm happy it's over and that my weeknights are mine again!


  1. i totally would have found a way to sneak that ballerina dress into my handbag... since i often carry vintage clutches, could pose a problem.

    love your floral dress, very in trend with the stylish re-utilization of early 90s patterns, and indeed, super versatile. would look great under a nice light gray blazer for work.

  2. love your dress so much
    I'm already your follower
    (btw I can't find you on my followers list did you follow me with other account using fb or twitter?)
    -Michelle (singer from Korea)

  3. Very cute dress! It makes me want to run out an buy one of my own! I wish the weather here was as nice as in LA!

  4. Love your dress !


  5. You look so pretty, that dress is really beautiful! Love it paired with those shoes too.

  6. love your dress! you look great!

  7. Totally love the floral dress!


  8. Love the calm of you as the first pic and the chaos that follows - nice (as always)

  9. Your darling dress sure is darling! I can't believe those racks are from Gap...they sure are going in a totally feminine direction this season...or is GapProject totally separate?!...The ballerina dress is adorable though- thanks for sharing! :D


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. What a fun blog! I am going to follow you, too (on Bloglovin).

    - Meredith

  11. I LOVE THE FLORAL DRESS!! your blog is very nice ;)

  12. I love your dress so badly! and I love your blog!! I'm following!!

  13. LOVE your floral dress.

  14. Your outfit is so pretty! You make florals look so classy!

    I'm totally a follower now! :) hope you liked my blog and follow back as well :)