Pregnancy Style | Ted Baker Florals

What I wore to dinner with Ted Baker at the Chateau Marmont where it's worth mentioning I sat diagonally across from Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach. 

This is yet another non-maternity dress that I can wear until I'm full term! Aside from buying a belly band to wear over jeans, I haven't purchased any maternity clothes which is great because with just six more weeks to go, it would be so wasteful to purchase something I'd wear just a few times. 

I wore this head to toe look to a dinner with Ted Baker at Chateau Marmont recently and the floral dress and purse are part of their new fall collection. I love the dress's A-line silhouette, the dainty floral print, and gathered ruffly collar that pretty much epitomizes my feminine style. And that purse! It looks a splash of a watercolor painting. 

As expected, in the past eight months, I've noticed a lot of changes to my body. Aside from the obvious expanding waist and growing belly that causes constant shooting lower back pain, my body is now softer and rounder even though I've kept up with my weekly workouts. I've always been bottom heavy and with the pregnancy, my thighs have gotten thicker which isn't too bad as they're easy to hide underneath dresses. However, my butt is also bigger. Not in a sexy Kardashian way, much to my chagrin, but in a "watch out, here comes a wide load" type of big. Yeah, it grew sideways. Which is why I love A-line dresses as they camouflage my widening load. When I first started noticing these changes, I was definitely a little shell shocked as I'm not used to the scale going up, up, up every time I step on it. But I've made peace with it. Because the gift of motherhood trumps all the superficial labels and badges I've held onto for so long. With this pregnancy, I can't help but feel like I'm shedding my immature past and finally maturing into an adult. Life is taking on new meaning...and new form.

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