Weekly Food Diary | A Lot of Events A Lot Of Eating

 This week's food diary features a busy week...of eating.

12pm: A berry smoothie sprinkled with granola with a side of cream bun from my favorite Asian bakery 85 Degrees. It's my last bun so I eat slowly and savor every bite.

7pm: At the JINS Eyewear event, I play hostess while sampling lettuce cups, fried dumplings, shrimp, and crab cakes and indulge in a piece of rice crispy treat, two pieces of cheesecake, and a "I really shouldn't but I can't help it" brownie bite.
9pm: After coming home, I have a slice of Fresh Brothers pizza and a handful of grapes. I'm starting to get sick of their pizza as we have it way too regularly. That's the difference between M and I. He finds something he likes and he can eat it forever. Me? I need to switch things up to fully appreciate it. And yes, that's basically our perspective on life as well.

12pm: Cereal.
2pm: Apple.
6pm: I'm starving and make a veggie salad with baked teriyaki tofu and heat up two slices of Fresh Brothers deep dish pizza.
8pm: A bowl of grapes.

9am: At a breakfast with Blue Mercury in Brentwood, I have a small berry smoothie, iced coffee, and a delicious finger sandwich made with homemade bread. I pass by one of the Housewives of BH on my way to the parking lot. She's just left SoulCycle. 
11am: At the Shu Uemura event at Society Salon in West Hollywood, I have a mini yogurt parfait and a few pieces of delicious mango and coconut rice rolls.

2pm: Apple and mini Larabar in Cashew Cookie.
7:30pm: My brother comes over for dinner and he's currently on a one month pescatarian cleanse so I make a big pot of veggie pasta with pesto sauce, toss some garden salad, and grill some marinated chicken breast for M and I.
8:30pm: Grapes and mooncake.

10:30am: A hearty berry smoothie bowl topped with granola, frozen berries, and sliced banana.
4pm: After making friends with Stan the Giraffe and Michelle O'lama the Llama on the Malibu Wine Safari hosted by Teva, we head over to Malibu Wines for a delicious "linner" of assorted salads and roasted turkey sandwich from lemonade. I treat myself to a big chewy gooey chocolate chip cookie.

8pm: After dropping by a friend's bon voyage party, M and I head over to Daikokuya in West Hollywood where he eats the majority of the oyakadon and fried rice while I have a few bites of both. We're quickly becoming regulars as our server recognizes us and tells us to keep coming and to bring the baby once he arrives.
10pm: A bowl of watermelon.

10:00am: At breakfast with Clarins at Viviane Beverly Hills previewing their new fall products, I dine on eggs, bacon, fruit, and yogurt while chatting French baguettes, NYC pizza, and other food related topics with the Clarins team.

1pm: Americano at Peet's Coffee in Beverly Hills while catching up on a ton of work.
8pm: I experience the fab foodie of the week moment eating the crispy chicken sandwich at Honor Bar in Beverly Hills. The chicken is crispy while the bun is soft and sweet. I have it with some coleslaw and fries and two pieces of coconut shrimp roll.
10pm: Pinkberry, the original and best tart froyo.

11am: M's Acai bowl.
7pm: Trying Bollywood Indian Restaurant for the first time where the chicken tikka masala is my favorite. The okra comes a close second. The sag paneer is a little salty and the lamb dish just isn't as flavorful as the chicken. Overall, it's pretty good and with zero wait on a Saturday night, I'm definitely bookmarking for future visits.

9pm: A bowl of grapes.

1pm: I get a late start on eating with a bbq at my friend's new place. I fill my plate with half a hamburger, half a dirty dog, and some salad.

5pm: Still quite full, I meet up with M at the Eastside Food Festival as a guest of Gilt City where I try a little bit of this and that. The pulled pork is amazing and so is the pizza. For dessert, I indulge in a double scoop berry and salted caramel ice cream cone. After about half an hour of eating, I wave the white flag and head out as I cannot eat another bite.