Weekly Food Diary | Multi-Courses & Late Night Tacos

Indulging in five course meals and late night tacos kind of put the cherry on this pregnancy sundae! 

11am: Cereal with berries and flaxseed.
3pm: A small bowl of leftover fried rice.
7pm: Homemade salad with tofu, cucumber, apple, and artichoke with a side of Chinese corn on the cobb (it's a starchier variety) and a small baked sweet potato.
9pm: A small bowl of grapes.

11am: Nonfat yogurt bowl with fresh strawberries, granola, flaxseed, and coconut flakes.
1pm: I drop by my parents' place and they insist I eat lunch with them so I snack on some steamed egg with shrimp and a spoonful of rice.
7pm: I make a salad with tofu, cucumber, apple, and artichoke and eat six pieces of mini wonton made by Mom.
9pm: Some grapes and two clementine oranges.

11am: I'm starving after my doctor's appointment but have to run a few errands so I end up eating on the go with a Kashi granola bar, a mini Larabar in Blueberry Muffin, and an ambrosia apple throughout the morning. It's not the healthiest but I could do a lot worse!
2pm: Panera iced coffee, which is surprisingly good.
6pm: Trying Plated for the first time. At $48 for two meals for two, it's definitely on the pricier side of meal services but the menu is pretty gourmet. Tonight, I'm making braised fish stew. It takes me about thirty minutes and the stew is tasty and easy to make although not very filling even after supplementing with a side of rice.

8pm: Feeling a bit hungry, I snack on a sweet potato.
12:30am: After watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, I am officially starving and having sharp hunger pangs that cannot be ignored. Poor M changes out of his PJs and drives down to Westwood to get me a carne asada taco from Tommy's Tacos. I wolf it down feeling a little guilty but enjoying it so so much.

12pm: A lovely lunch with vbeaute at Sunset Tower Grill in West Hollywood brings on several sightings: a super thin Richard Lewis, a well-disguised Paul Reiser, and a radiant Elizabeth Berkeley. They each eat at separate tables. The lunch starts with deviled eggs dressed with caviar and we move onto the stacked Tower Burger with caramelized onions. For dessert, I have some fruit and sneak a few spoonfuls of my neighbor's sorbet. I also have a warm chocolate chip cookie which is pretty much everything good with the world. I leave feeling utterly full and so so happy.

8:30pm: I make my second Plated dinner-seared steak with roasted butternut squash and swiss chard dressing with panko and parmesan. This meal is a bit more complicated to make but ends up being really yummy. Due to user error, the steak is a little rare but I'm very impressed with the roasted veggies and will save the recipe for future dinner parties. Although the two dinners were good, I don't think I'll continue with the Plated subscription as it's too pricey and under-filling for a man with a big appetite and a pregnant woman in her third trimester. Maybe I'll try it again when I'm trying to lose the pregnancy weight.
10pm: A bowl of strawberries with a dollup of vanilla ice cream.

11am: Oatmeal with brown sugar, raisins, and almonds.

2pm: Mini Larabar, half of a thinkthin Protein Bar.
8pm: A five-course tasting of Italy at Osteria Mozza hosted by my friend Grasie Mercedes and Franciacorta Wine. We start with a refreshing and light baby gem lettuce salad dressed with thinly sliced squash and a light vinegar dressing. Then we have fresh burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes on the vine and homemade pesto. The burrata is the freshest in the city. Then it's the house made agnolotti stuffed with meat sitting in a light butter sauce. The fourth course is the fish stuffed with vegetables. It's probably one of the best fish dishes I've ever had as the meat is tender and brimming with flavor. The last course, and one of my favorite desserts in LA, is the budino-a caramel butterscotch pudding sprinkled with sea salt and topped and with whipped cream. I go home in a budino daze.

11am: Small Acai bowl made by M.
2pm: We attend a neighbor's son's 9th birthday party to get a taste of life with kids. At the party, I have a mini quesadilla with chicken while kids run amuck scavenging for poke balls.
9pm: A late dinner at Beverly Soon Tofu where I get the mushroom and beef tofu and share the bulgogi with M.

12pm: Small Acai bowl.
2pm: We originally planned on having an outdoor picnic but the heat wave is cramping our style so we move it indoors and watch Central Intelligence while munching on a spread of grapes, chevre and  manchego cheese, fig jam, fresh baked French bread, calabrese salami, apple, carrots, and hummus. We both love smorgasbords.

8pm: Still ridiculously full from our picnic spread, we get some xiao long bao, their delicious string beans, and spicy fried chicken from Northern Cafe in Westwood. I'm going to archive today as Sunday Fat Day.