Summer Style | H&M Matching Set

My first summer 2016 outfit in a soft and light H&M mint eyelet tank and shorts matching set.

 H&M tank and shorts | Shoemint platforms | L.A.M.B sunnies | Marrin Costello bracelet

With summer officially on the horizon, this matching set has been my go-to outfit this past week. I love the softness of the eyelet trim which downplays its rather skimpy nature. 

A few minutes after taking these photos, I spotted a slew of security detail on a nearby residential street in Beverly Hills. Apparently Hillary Clinton was in town for a fundraising event! She's been a role model of mine for as long as I can remember as she's the ultimate girl boss and I've been rooting for her turn in the White House since 2008. It's tragic that she's being vilified in the media when every politician with a long political history have made decisions and taken actions that are unfavored by some. It's not an easy job and I applaud her for tackling every issue with logic and compassion. Given the current state of our social, economic, and foreign policies, I can't think of a better candidate who can represent, voice, and smartly implement the will and needs of most of the American people as democracy is flawed so it's highly idealistic to think everything on everyone's wish list can be fulfilled. 
The California Primary is next week so please don't forget to vote! It's going to be a tight race and every vote will count! Without a doubt, I'm with her. 

*this post is NOT endorsed by Hillary Clinton. All opinions and words are mine.