Weekly Food Diary | Staycation and a Can of Chili

This week's weekly food diary features good food, good friends, and a fabulous staycation.

2pm: At a neighbor's Memorial Day bbq I tried to stay healthy by eating a bunless turkey burger, a spicy sausage link, salad, watermelon, and a small slice of apple pie. I also tried non-alcoholic beer for the first time and actually prefer it to real beer.
8pm: Still full from the bbq, I have a small dinner of homemade avocado toast, a nectarine, and a small sweet potato. 

1pm: Yogurt parfait on my way to an appointment.
4pm: String cheese and a granny smith apple.
7pm: In an act of desperation, I heat up leftover Ethiopian food, frozen broccoli, and a can of chili. It's gross but better than driving in traffic to get takeout. Yes, I know Postmate exists. No, I've never tried it. 

1pm: Lunch at La Scala in Beverly Hills where I go to town on their Italian chopped salad, my favorite in the city. I like to add peppercini for an extra kick. They also have the best spaghetti bolognese but I'm trying to stay low carb so I have two slices of bread with butter instead.
7pm: I heat up Trader's Joe's eggplant parmesan with a side of broccoli and for dessert, I have a nectarine and string cheese. M has been out of town on a work trip and our kitchen is in mid-install which is why my dinners have been kind of sad.
Midnight: I'm starving and have a slice of PB&J while working late into the night.

1pm: Yogurt parfait.
4pm: thinkthin protein bar.
7pm: Tsujita Annex ramen with extra bamboo shoots and a small char siu rice bowl. I love their noodles as it's much thicker and has a better bite than regular ramen. It swims in a fatty garlic broth that's almost too rich too handle. I can only get through half of my bowl before nausea kicks in.

12pm: Yogurt parfait in the Uber on my way to The London Hotel for a staycation.
4pm: Crackers and fruit complements of The London Hotel.

8pm: Rooftop dinner at Boxwood restaurant inside The London. Lamb ribs, veggie crudo, and tagliatelle pasta make their way into my stomach. We finish the meal with my favorite-sticky toffee pudding with brown butter ice cream.

11am: The London has the most extensive continental hotel breakfast in LA! I make a plate of fruit, yogurt parfait, a small muffin, and piece of toast.

7:30pm: Dinner at Night + Market. Our table of four share the papaya salad, chicken wings, tom yum soup, crispy rice salad, beef curry, drunken noodles, and yummy coconut rice. Dishes skew on the spicier side for Thai food.

12:30pm: Lunch at Twenty Eight celebrating my friend's Pinterest perfect baby shower. We start with a spinach with berries salad then move onto a grilled chicken breast on a bed of savory noodles. For dessert, there's a decadent cupcakes bar and a beautiful Korean rice cake (tteok) with bean baste.
8pm: Dinner at Talpa, a Mexican restaurant in West LA. M and I share a pozole and I have a shrimp enchilada and a cheese tamale.
10pm: While watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, I can't resist a slice of banana bread pudding and eat it guiltily in bed while M gives me a "Oh Jenny" look.