Weekly Food Diary | Secret Club and Mom's Balls

My LA weekly food diary featuring mochi balls, Au Fudge brownies, and a visit to LA's coolest no name bar/restaurant.

12pm: Yogurt parfait
4pm: On our way to a photo shoot, I eat half of a taro mochi marble bun in the car. I stockpiled a bunch of breads from a Chinese bakery over the weekend.
8:00pm: We're still shooting. and at this point I'm starving and tired and almost faint from the tight gown, and my stupid habit of not breathing while posing. I take a breather and can't stop thinking about food.
9:00pm: We stop by California Chicken Cafe on the way home where I chow down on the ginormous house salad and a side of vegan broccoli soup. M patiently waits for me to finish.
12pm: Toasted Oats cereal with strawberries and half of a green bean paste bun. 
4pm: While getting hair and makeup done with Paul Mitchell at the Wolk Morais show, I munch on the platters of fruit and veggies.
8pm: Dinner with Paul Mitchell and friends at No Name Club, a cool girl restaurant/bar on Fairfax Blvd. I hear you have to sacrifice the tears of a unicorn to get a reservation. We family style the fried chicharron, shishito peppers, hamachi, fried chicken, bone-ribeye, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta bolognese, mushroom risotto, collared greens, and braised short ribs. Basically, we sample the entire menu.There's no dessert which is fine because I have no room left. There's a strict no photo policy. No celebs unless you count Tobey Maguire's wife.

12pm: Brunch at Au Fudge with Erin Condren. I have a few finger sandwiches, two mini yogurt parfaits, and split a piece of brownie with another brownie lover.
3pm: Pressed Juiciery Vanilla coffee
7pm: Quick dinner at Komodo before the Alice Through The Looking Glass screening. I get their Chinese chicken salad and eat half of a heaping bowl of tater tots.

10pm: Two handfuls of cherries.

11am: A pineapple red bean bun on my way to a meeting.
3pm: Starbucks iced tea
5pm: Granny smith apple
7pm: Dinner at Bossa Nova, one of our go-to weekday restaurants. I order the cod fillet plate with plantains, brown rice, and mashed potatoes. The fish is bland and tasteless but the carbs are delicious!

3:30pm: A super late lunch of avocado toast, grilled corn, and some grilled veggies with a side of pink lemonade.
8pm: Dinner at Awash in Little Ethiopia. It's great that both M and I are huge fans of Ethiopian food as most people are uncomfortable with the idea of eating with hands and can't stomach the rich spices and flavors. We get our usual-the veggie combo with the beef tibbs and chicken tibbs. We've tried many of the other Ethopian restaurants in LA and Awash is the best!

12pm: Yogurt parfait
4pm: Zucchini fries, chicken wings, salad, and cake at my friend's baby shower. My high school girlfriends are the best and we never fail to have the best time together!

8pm: Dinner at Gyu-Kaku. I think this is the first I've been there sober. We grill beef, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, and pair them with yummy bibimbap, cold cucumber, and edamame.

12pm: Mom's homemade red bean mochi and pork mochi in soup (tang yuan). I'd been craving this for weeks as it's one of my favorite childhood breakfasts. M was a little skeptical about eating pork filled dough for breakfast but he loved it.

2pm: On our way to the Cabazon outlets, I snack on a small piece of sweet potato I swiped from my parents' house.
7pm: Dinner at our family friend's Chinese restaurant in Rowland Heights. I don't even know the name because we've always referred to it as Auntie's restaurant. We start with pig tripe and pig ears marinated in spicy Szechuan sauce, bamboo shoots, and then binge on beef soup noodles, pork chop rice, and minced beef noodles. What a delicious end to a great week!