{GBF Travel + Style | Dinner at Lucy's}

Walking through downtown Yountville was like taking a stroll through foodie paradise.

The restaurants I've only ever heard from friends or read about on Yelp were staring at me in their brick and mortar flesh. My eyes must have dilated to the size of my stomach as I fantasized about creating the ultimate buffet stacked with dishes from every single restaurant. Although I'm normally quite regimented in my eating habits, when I'm on vacation calorie counting goes out the window. I mean, it doesn't count if you're in a different area code, right? 

We decided on dinner at Lucy Restaurant and Bar, a field-to-fork contemporary restaurant inside the ritzy Bardessono Hotel. With a view of the serene koi pond and garden, we feasted on an incredible dinner that lived up to the foodie town's reputation. I'm glad I wore my loose fit and uber soft Calypso St Barth cashmere poncho and stretchy DSTLD jeans to dinner. I needed room to expand.

A favorite of the night was the freshly dug carrot salad roasted to perfection and lightly seasoned to bring out its earthy and sweet flavor. The seafood was equally impressive as the diver scallops and local sole were fresh, refreshing, and oh so tender. The butternut squash soup was a great palate cleanser and perhaps one of the best I've ever had. Our greedy sweet toothy couldn't settle for just two desserts so we ordered three. The moment the piping hot bread pudding encased in a souffle dish touched our table, I devoured it. It was really, really good.  And really hot. 

Satiated and happy, we made the slow walk from the restaurant to the car. Right then, I looked up and saw diamonds flooding the sky. It was absolutely breathtaking. Gems are hidden everywhere. You just have to know where to look (and where to eat).

Scroll down to indulge in massive food porn!

diver scallops sole