{GBF Style | Wall Flower}

Monday, November 24, 2014

On Halloween, I went into panic mode as I didn't have a costume and at the last minute decided to go out.

top {Stop Staring}
skirt {Stop Staring}
heels {Shoedazzle}

So I dressed up in a floral two-piece from Stop Staring, stood next to a wall all night, and told people I was a wallflower. Thank you GlamSquad for coming over and doing my Halloween hair and makeup although I think the makeup artist and stylist were a little disappointed they didn't get to create a character or at least put some fake blood on my face. I thought about being a zombie wallflower but couldn't make a rational connection between the two. Because you know, Halloween screams logic and rational thinking.

Next Halloween I'm going all out as I'm determined to not fade into the background. 
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