{GBF Life + Style + Travel} A New York Date with Boohoo

A few weeks ago, UK-based fashion retail site boohoo threw a fabulous launch party in New York to celebrate their US expansion and invited me to come along for the the ride. They took over an old fire station near Chinatown and transformed it into infamous Hacienda Nightclub (England's version of Studio 54).  For the momentously fabulous occasion, I wanted to wear my new Keepsake aqua graphic print peplum dress from beauxx. However, the first day of spring in NYC felt more like arctic winter as temperatures were in the low 30s and the windshield factor was "bad hair day" strong. But I was a girl on a fashion mission. So I layered, and layered so more, and gave my dress a proper NYC debut. 

I arrive in New York on a sunny and crispy Wednesday morning. At baggage claim, a Men in Black suited Jose with a J.Wu sign marked in bold Sharpie immediately catch my eye. We walk across the street to his car where the rich aroma of morning coffee permeates the interior. We pass by familiar signs-the Van Wyck Tunnel, the Queens Long Island Expressway. I put my phone away as it's still impolitely early to call or text anybody. So I soak up the joy of doing and thinking about absolutely nothing. Nowadays  these moments are fleeting and rare and deserve to be cherished as I would a pair of McQueen stilettos. Soon, dense buildings and towering skyscrapers sweep into my line of vision. As we pull up to The Dream Hotel in Chelsea/Meatpacking, I let out a deep sigh. The city never fails to take my breath away.

Since I didn't sleep a wink on the red eye flight, the smart thing to do would be to nap after checking in. But I'm not tired. I'm never tired when I'm in New York so I never sleep. The energy of the city pulsates and reverberates into the inner core of my being lifting me to Red Bull winged heights. I go for a walk, my favorite NYC pastime  And of course, precision shopping somehow sneaks its way into the wandering. My credit card gets conquered at Theory, La Perla, and Ted Baker and just as I'm about to admit defeat at Scoop NYC, I get a call from boohoo. A late lunch at The Chelsea Market? Can't wait.

 Over lunch, I develop an infatuation with boohoo's social media director. She's talkative, animated, passionate, and compassionate. Aside from discussing the merits of Lindsay Lohan's acting chops, we talk about boohoo and its origins. It was started a few years ago by two business owners already heavily involved in the UK fashion industry. Their vision was to create a fashion site inspired by music, culture, and people. Boohoo offers an amazing selection of trendy apparel and accessories primarily because they are so in tune with street style and pop culture. She shows me a Youtube video made at their Manchester office a few weeks ago. The entire company partakes in some Harlem Shaking. So cool.

Then we're off to their midtown showroom to check out the spring/summer collections. At first, I'm polite. I gingerly browse the pieces. Then, my eyes starts dilating and my hands get itchy. The pieces are too damn cute to resist. I take them off the hangers, strip down, and put on boohoo in the middle of the showroom. Did you know overalls are called "dungarees" in the UK? 

A late dinner at Buddakkan nibbling on spare ribs, pork belly, scallops, and rock shrimp sends my first night in NYC into the early morning. I get back to the hotel, start working, and finally fall asleep at 2am, Cali time. 

I woke up a few hours later for a quick workout before heading out for a day of boohoo festivities and to prepare for the big party. And what a party! The space looked absolutely amazing and was packed with friends and celebrities. With libations flowing and the original DJ from The Hacienda spinning, it was impossible not to dance all night. The next morning, I flew back to LA with boohoo and NYC on my mind and in my heart. 

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