{GBF Life + Style} My Dream Lawyer Power Suit

My black and white sleeveless pantsuit from T.J. Maxx is my dream courtroom outfit. The tailoring is crisp, modern, and chic and instantly makes the wearer look sharp and put together. The length of the pants require six inch heels which puts me in giant Asian girl territory. A sharply dressed Asian female giant spewing out legal jargon? Definitely a triple threat. 

I never understood why lawyers wear boxy gray and black suits to court. It's a cultural mandate that absolutely bores me to no end. Yes, it's important to cover up private areas out of deference to the judiciary and the judicial system. But dressing conservatively doesn't equate to a total banishment of style. Why not add a pop of color to the suit with a neon scarf? Or take power lawyer to the next level with some gold jewelry? I believe judges would appreciate a little color or bling in the otherwise monotonous courtroom. I've seen judges fall asleep on the bench. Not all trials are Law & Order riveting. 

On my very first court appearance, I showed up wearing a cherry red pantsuit. And I lived to tell the tale. Yes, I got a lot of glares. And fine, technically I wasn't an attorney yet-just a clueless intern at the city attorney's office observing my first trial. Two days laterw, I got reprimanded for disobeying the dress code. The red suit was just one piece of the problem. There was also the neon orange knit top paired with a short and flouncy floral skirt. And the yellow sweater incident. As I sat there in my supervisor's office listening to her explain why colors are too risque for court, I realized I could never be a prosecutor. It's just too much style-aucracy to overcome for a rebel lawyer with a style cause. 

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