Winter Survival Guide

Most winters, I hide in my well-heated cave waiting for spring thaw. Spoiled by sunny LA weather, I simply cannot bear the thought of going anywhere or doing anything in less than toasty temperatures. Inevitably, by the time spring arrives, I'm pale, "heavier boned" from enjoying months of active eating and an inactive lifestyle, and live in bundles of androgynous and shapeless clothes that resemble potato sacks.  How un-fabulous! This year, I'm determined to escape winter darkness so I've compiled a winter survival guide-a list of essentials that will take me out of winter sulk and into winter joy.

1. A juicer. I'm quite certain statistical data indicates people eat more in the winter. I think it's triggered by our body's natural inclination to intake more calories to create internal heat when body temperature drops. Or perhaps we feel justified in winter binging as layers of clothes mask the extra layers of fat. To counteract overeating, I bought a juicer and have been chugging twenty pounds of vegetable juice a week. The liquids help me curb my appetite and serve as a healthy detox from the unhealthy holiday indulgences.

2. Layering dull colored winter outfits with bedazzling jewelry. These blue topaz drop earrings from My Jewelry Box will make monochromatic outfits shine.

3. Wedge sneakers are a cool alternative to boots this season. They're slightly hipster, sporty comfy, provides hidden height, and will keep toes safe from frostbites. My current favs are the Preston and Charlie from Koolaburra.

4. An itsy bitsy swimsuit like this one from Swimspot. It's a tangible reminder that warmer days are on the horizon or perhaps spark an excuse to escape to Cabo!

5. Bounce dryer sheets. My hair is a static mess these days due to excessive sweater wearing. Running dryer sheets through the hair tames and smooths out the frizz.

6. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I've been using this gel-like overnight mask to combat winter dryness for years as it provides intense oil-free hydration and a touch of whitening power.

7. A workout buddy to keep me motivated and accountable as it's so easy to fall out of fitness habits this time of the year. Make a pact to shamelessly nag each other to work out. Yes, it's totally okay for her to smack you in the head when you reach for the second piece of cake. And it's definitely fine to wake her butt up at 6:30am for your Saturday morning barre class. Friends don't let friends miss workouts. Find a buddy to keep your energy up and weight down!

8. This might sound geeky but my humidifier has been my life support. It counterbalances an attack of the prune face caused by cranking up the heater all hours of the day.

9. Coats. Lots of coats. It's the most effective and efficient way to look put together and stay warm without trying very hard. I'm actually shopping for a new Burberry trench coat on Matches Fashion as I type. I love the site's well-edited selection of hard to find luxe brands. This Carven two-toned number is quite charming as well.

10. Super high speed internet. How else can you enjoy the cozy feeling of being in bed and snacking on Cheetos while streaming Don't Mess With The B in Apt 23 or Breaking Bad on Nextflix and Hulu? Having an excuse to eat and watch TV in bed is hands down one of the greatest perks of winter weather.

11. Sencha Green Tea with Matcha and Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Pen. I've been drinking two cups of green tea everyday to keep myself hydrated, cleansed, and warm. I particularly love Sencha green tea as the flavor is so refreshing and reminds me of green tea ice cream. To fight off tea stains, I've been applying the whitening pen right before I leave the house so I can whiten as I drive.

12. A warm body. If you're single, find yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend ASAP so they can be your human blanket and perhaps even melt your heart a little. Why wait until spring to thaw?


{live fabulously}



  1. Definitely love wedge sneakers - so comfortable!

  2. Great list! My mom got a juicer and seriously won't put it on pause... it makes delicious juices!

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  4. lovely Blog! :)
    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Wonderful post. You can also wear beautiful lace tank tops underneath winter wraps - seeing those pretty thin straps will want you go and exercise to keep those shoulders and arms in good shape. And while at it, might as well work out on the rest of the body. :)

  6. such a great post :)

  7. Hi dear, this is such wonderful advice, I need to remember it for our upcoming winter in a few months.

  8. Great list, Jenny! Essentials, indeed! I've tried the Laneige Sleeping Pack and it really is fantastic, even on my oily skin. And yes, human blankets are a necessity too :)


  9. I love juicing, but I am always way to lazy to consistently do it, it seems like so much effort!

    Good luck in sticking to your survival guide this winter!

    Corinne x

  10. Great post ! I am inspired, I need a humidifier so badly, you know ! Love your blog and I am following on GFC. If you want let's follow each other also on FB and Bloglovin =) Kisses

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  11. This is an awesome post which is very useful for me at the moment. .) thanks for sharing!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  12. I like the blue & beige coat.
    And, of course, I like your blog.
    Would you like to follow eacho other?

  13. Great selection ! The two coats are perfect !! :)

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