Personal Style Outfit-Enemy Territory

I wore this patriotic and Bruin friendly outfit while hanging out in Westwood last Saturday. Even though I went to USC, I spent a lot of time in enemy territory because J went there and let's be honest, I'm just not a South Central kind of girl.  At the risk of pulling a Benedict Arnold, I must admit I love Westwood. The food alone holds a captive audience. The gastronomy options are gastronomically limitless and contributed to my Freshman Fifteen which is ironic because I didn't even go to UCLA. Oh the joy of biting into a Diddy Reese ice cream sandwich...the satiation of eating dorm food at Covel...the sheer comfort of slurping on chicken noodle soup on late night  pit stops to Jerry's Deli...So many food memories!

Aside from stretching our waistlines, we explored the area in unconventional ways. Parking at UCLA is non-existent and J hates walking as he finds it boring and unproductive so he bought a bright red scooter to replace his legs. J's condo was five blocks from the Playboy Mansion so we would squeeze into his one-seater scooter and ride around Beverly Hills and Bel Air trying to find (stalk) celebrities. Our scooter stalking sessions yielded zero results although once J did mistake a bald guy taking out his trash for Bruce Willis. Nope. Just a bald guy. We were so desperate to spot somebody, anybody, that during one of our sessions we stooped to new lows and tailed a Starline Tours bus for fifteen minutes. All we got out of that were smog filled lungs. 

How I miss the carefree days of shameless celebrity stalking.

 collared shirt: H&M
sweater: A.L.C (this and that are similar)
jeans: Zara (love these)
shoes: Sam Edelman (similar to this)
purse: c/o Cuore and Pelle


{live fabulously}