Personal Style Outfit-A Very White Christmas

"I dream of a white Christmas, just like the one Bing sings.  Where my family gathers together, to feel warmth and hear laughter over the open hearth. And everyone shines with happiness and true bliss. To wish each other a very merry Christmas."

In our family, the notion of a white Christmas typically involves a trip to The Grove for its holiday snowfall extravaganza. But this year, we decided to bask in the merriment of a snowy Christmas in Mammoth. On a sunny LA morning, the nine of us packed into two cars and made the trek up to our cabin in the snow. What was supposed to be a 4.5 hour drive turned into a 9 hour tour de marathon. We had to stop for lunch, stop for bathroom breaks, stop to buy gloves, stop to buy munchies, stop to buy snow chains, attempt to put on snow chains, find someone to help us put on snow chains, and drive at 30 miles per hour with the snow chains on. By the time we reached the cabin, it was pitch dark and the temperature had dropped to below zero. The cabin stared at us in quiet contemplation as we unloaded and piled the never-ending suitcases and bags in front of it. We thrust opened the door, and just like that, broke the silent stillness.

My cousins set up the game area while heatedly discussing whether to play Monopoly or poker first. My brother plugged in his iPod to the speakers and proceeded to play Dubstep at full blast before my Dad walked over and switched it to Michael Buble's Christmas album. Kudos to Dad for mastering the iPod! In the kitchen, Mom and Aunt hovered over the stove, chopping and setting up the ingredients for our hot pot dinner. If you've ever traveled with a Chinese family, you know that we love to bring our hot pot everywhere we go. I specifically recall eating spicy ramen at midnight out of the same hot pot in our suite at Caesar's Palace. And yes, ramen is also a Chinese family's vacation staple.

 As the steam of the fragrant broth filled the air with warmth, we all gathered around the table spooning morsels of sliced mutton, pig's blood, and taro into our bowls. Quietness lasted for a slurping second as a unique blend of dinner table discussions soon permeated the air. Uncle challenged us to brain teasers while Dad derailed his challenges with silly jokes and stories. In the background, I could hear Mom and Aunt discussing with muffled pizzazz whether the duck claws and pig ears were marinated to perfection. I closed my eyes for a few seconds. So I could fully hear my family. Because they are the sounds of Christmas I can't live without.

For our Christmas Eve hot pot dinner, I wore my new Lavender Brown velvet shift dress. The shift shape is easy to wear with anything and everything and here I've dressed it down with a knit hat, black Marc Jacobs scarf, and boxy boots. The dress can easily be dressed up for a holiday party as the rich blue velvet and the gold burnout pattern would look stunning with ornate accessories, heels, and a dramatic top bun. Throw on a fur collar coat and you've got Anna Karenina in the making.

dress: Lavender Brown c/o Shop September
scarf: Marc Jacobs
sunnies: Tom Ford
boots: vintage
knit hat: Target

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