Personal Style Outfit-Apocalypse Now

As the hands of time draws closer and closer to the end of the day, clustered thoughts of the Mayans' apocalyptic prediction that the world shall end when the clock strikes midnight tonight linger in my mind. If extinction surfaced as factual certainty, what would you do on your last day on Earth? From sunrise to sunset, I would squeeze meaning out of every last second. 

I would...

1. As the sun rises, run the Rose Bowl one last time. I'll need my endorphins today. Plus, running stamina may come in handy if I need to escape from zombies or falling boulders tomorrow.
2. Watch Titanic again from start to finish while eating a Costco size bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Do not withhold any tears during the final scene. It's okay to cry as Leo disappears into the watery abyss. Even if this is the tenth time I've seen the movie.
3. Buy this. Charge it on the AMEX. 
4.  Follow Julia Child's chocolate souffle recipe step by step. If successful, drown it in Grand Marnier sauce and vanilla ice cream. Eat it like there's no tomorrow.
5. Dive into the crystal blue waters off Turks & Caicos in search of the most succulent lobster. If found, eat it like it's my last meal on Earth. 
6. Make two phone calls. The first is to my grandparents to apologize for not visiting them often enough. The second is tell someone, "I forgive you." 
7. Invite my friends over for a karaoke party. Have a meaningful conversation with every person in attendance and tell each of them why they matter to me. 
8. Track down and challenge Britney Spears to a dance-off.
9. Watch the sunset over the peaks of the Tuscany hills with my family while listening to Mom and Dad retell stories of our yesteryear. Observe, capture, and imprint every smile, movement, and even the angle at which the sun beams its last rays onto Mom, Dad, and Eric's faces as we watch the day dim into night. 
10. Hold J's hand as we step into eternal darkness together. Because as long as I'm with him, light will always shine.

And this is what I would wear to greet the apocalypse. 

dress: c/o Basically Me
shoes: c/o Shoemint
necklace: c/o Jewelmint
rings: my wedding ring | David Yurman
earrings: Chanel

{live and die fabulously}