Personal Style Holiday Parties Styling Series {Part 3}

For the third and final part of my styling series, I'm taking a satin oxblood button down blouse to office holiday party appropriate heights. The semi-fitted flowy cut of the blouse and unexpectedly revealing back screams versatility. Here, I'm wearing it nunnery style, buttoning the blouse all the way to the neck and tucking it inside a pencil skirt. My crystal Juicy Couture necklace adds a touch of razzle dazzle while the structured loafers and boxy purse keep the look polished and professional. However, the blouse can easily be transformed into an effortlessly sexy number. With just a few unclasping of the buttons, the addition of second skin leather pants and pointy heels with a 90 degree vertical, bloody sexy engulfs the oxblood. 

I purchased my floral satin skirt over ten years ago on a summer trip to Shanghai and the mere fact that it still fits deserves public accolade. What was once a boxy and rather shapeless skirt is now fitted with a subtle mermaid curve thanks to my tailor. Although I love the new curvaceous silhouette, I'm forced to take tiny dainty steps as the non-stretch material hugs my knee caps, constricting stride and motion. It's a refreshing restraint as it forces me to slow down and walk like a lady of fragility instead of a brutish ogre. 

Speaking of Shanghai, I'm going back to the motherland in May. Until then, I shall live in a constant state of curiosity, excitement, and nostalgia

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top: c/o
skirt: boutique in Shanghai (here's a great alternative and I love these)
Blazer: Velvet Hearts
Shoes: Zara
Purse: c/o Cuore and Pelle
Necklace: Juicy Couture

{live fabulously}