An Indulgent Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, my senses were jolted by a flurry of sounds and smells. Echoing questions of "Where's my other glove?" and "Did we really have to get up so early?" resonated from different parts of our cabin in Mammoth as faucets turned on, off and floor boards creaked and squeaked. In the kitchen, every pour of the Café Escapes brewing from our Keurig K-Cup home brewer seemed to lift me further away from slumber enticing me with its rich awakening aroma. Groggy-eyed, I made my way to the kitchen to find my entire family eating breakfast while bundled up like snow bunnies. They were fueling for a day on the ski slopes while I stayed in to battle a stubborn cold. I was secretly glad to have an excuse to stay in as the idea of frolicking in freezing weather sends pangs of pain through my core.

The mere motion of eight people leaving for the day was an event in and of itself and took an additional fifteen minutes as each of them had forgotten something or another. As I finally waved goodbye to everyone, slid my cousin's hat which had somehow ended up in my Dad's camera bag, back on his head, and shut the door behind me, I stood there and basked in the moment of pure silence that follows pure chaos. I then walked over to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of steaming hot and satisfyingly sweet Café Caramel and sat by the window to watch the fluttering of snow cover all in sight with its pure white glaze. It was such an indulgence to sip on warmth that covered my head to my toes while the world around me chilled under snow and ice. I was alone but I was surrounded by love, family, and a very white Christmas.


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