Weather The Cold Sweater

nastygal oversized mustard sweater
Sweater weather in Nastygal oversized sweater, Zara sock booties, and Louis Vuitton Monceau purse
louis vuitton monceaun purse outfit
mom outfits idea
work oversized sweater outfit idea

I've been wearing this outfit non-stop. It's the perfect work outfit as it requires little thought or time to put together which is great because every morning at our house is like a 400 meter relay with M and I trying to get ready and get out the door by handing off baby to each other at fifteen minute intervals until the nanny arrives. It's also a great mom outfit because the mustard color really helps to mask most baby-related stains and the purse is big enough (without being bulky) to store my phone, wallet, keys, sunnies, and the plethora of baby accessories like snack, books, and toys.  

I used to love sweater weather as it connotes cuddles by the fireplace and an excuse to stay in on the weekends and indulge in leisure reading and TV binging. Now, sweater weather means cold and flu season and chasing down my 14 months old toddler with Purell wipes in one hand and a puffy sweater in the other.