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Olivia Clergue French handbag designer
While holiday shopping at Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago, I locked eyes with a French beauty. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, and shined with lustre. An image unclouded by superfluous additions, logos, or distracting accessories, she defined and defied natural beauty. Though we'd just met,  I bent in and gave her a whiff and was greeted by the gentle scent of taurillon leather. She was petite, even dainty, but shaped for heavy storage. I didn't want to let her go but I had to focus on gift shopping. So, with a heavy heart and the hope I'd see her again someday, my eyes lingered for a few more moments before I said goodbye. But not before getting her name. Olivia Clergue.Olivia Clergue Gertrude French handbag
French handbag bucket bag
Olivia Clergue french designer saddle bag
Olivia Clergue
Olivia Clergue saddle bag
Olviia Clergue leather tote bag French designer

She may not be a household name yet but she will be. Inspired by the eponymous designer's wish to create contemporary handbags perfectly constructed to withstand the test of time and trends. Each piece is exclusively made from craftsmen in the Anjou region of France with leather materials sourced from Switzerland and Italy. The brand is the essence of high quality without the fuss and heavy pricing. Thank god I didn't have to find her in the Missed Connections section of Craigslist because a few styles are on sales at Bloomingdale's and the full Winter Collection is currently on sale on the Olivia Clergue shop site.