Weekend Style | Home Life

Sharing a casual weekend outfit while out to brunch with the family.

J& W sweater | One Denim boyfriend jeans | Chinese Laundry heels | Chagoury scarf | Gucci purse

I love weekends with the baby as we get to enjoy leisure brunches, afternoon strolls, visits with the grandparents, and playtime at home as a family of three. These days I love being at home as that's the hearth of our family. Before the baby, I used to get restless on the weekends and never wanted to stay home as there was always a new restaurant, a cool event, a travel experience, or a not be missed party beckoning for my attendance. Home was simply a place to recharge and relax but never a final destination for my transient state of being as I felt no real sense of attachment to it. But now, home is the most important place in my world because as it's the sanctuary where our unbreakable unit of three bond, love, and grow together. And most of the time, it's the only place I want to be. 

I wore this outfit to brunch last weekend at La Conversation, a cute French cafe that's not too far from home!

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