Date Night Style | Florals and Cords

A not so age apropos outfit for a recent date night at sotto.

forever 21 top | shein jumper | marni boots | gucci purse

Although it feels mildly inappropriate to be a mom wearing something that resembles a school uniform, the corduroy jumper is a new favorite as I love the A-line silhouette and the not too tight fit. 

I wore this outfit to date night at sotto a few weeks ago. If you haven't been, go immediately because their squid ink mafaldine and bistecca are worth splurging on. Food aside, the wine menu is impressively extensive which brings me to the topic of drinking while parenting. As a new mom, I find myself drinking much more than ever before. As soon as baby fall asleep time defaults to wine o'clock as I'm patting myself on the back while taking sips from the oversized tumbler for completing yet another triumphant day with the baby. Oh and chocolate is the default side chick to my vino. At this rate I'm going to be a pimply wino before baby turns one, a small price to pay for raising a tiny human.

And did I mention baby is sometimes sleeping through the night? That doesn't mean I am as the deafening sound of silence wakes me up at regular intervals triggering a frantic reach for the monitor as I obsessively check his breathing to make sure he's alive but quiet and not something more sinister- yet another new mom ritual that's become the new normal.

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