Baby Moments | The First Smile

Sharing the story of the first time Baby Desmond smiled at me!

Desmond's personality peeks through more and more each day. At two months old, he's already laughing, cooing, and showing endless curiosity. When I'm holding him, he arches his back, tilts his head and moves from side to side with eyes wide open glued to the world around him. Of course, he wasn't always such a happy explorer. During the first two weeks, he hardly opened his eyes! And when he did, he wore a pensive stare that screamed disapproval keeping us on our toes and in a state of uncertainty. He never smiled except when he was sleeping- a muscle reflex that I desperately wanted to take as a sign that he was indeed happy with us.
 But on week three day four, everything changed. It started out like any other day. He's crying. I get up, my eyes half closed trying to get in just a few more seconds of sleep after yet another sleep-light night. It's raining outside casting a foreboding darkness into our room. I don't have my glasses and make out a squirming oversized burrito inside the Halo bassinest. I scoop him up and plop him on our bed hoping he'll fall back asleep. As I doze off one eye closed one eye on him I suddenly see his eyes fold into crescent moons and his lips turning upward into a big toothless grin. He's smiling at me! And he has a dimple! Both my eyes snap open and I smile back at him while tears start trickling in. My baby's first smile! He doesn't hate us after all!
 His first smile was just one of the many milestone moments I've witnessed in the past two months. And I can't wait to capture and enjoy the many more that await. But in order to do so, I need to have a little insurance to make sure I stay healthy as cold season is in full effect. So I'm stockpiling Vicks' Dayquil and Nyquil to ensure I'll never miss any of Desmond's unmissable moments. 
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