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Sharing the best travel boots and why I'm going to miss my pair so much!

LAMade "Maggie" dress | JustFab Chelsea boots

I would like to pour a little bit of my Moscow Mule for the befallen. My Chelsea boots were my inseparable bff on my Asia trip running with me across Terminal B at LAX, trekking through miles of sightseeing in Tokyo, kicking up tons of dirt in Kyoto and Osaka, and making the perilous journey with me across borders to China. On my trip, they were my only pair of heeled shoes that could go the mile while providing ample height for me to hold M's hand comfortably. They gave tirelessly, asked for nothing in return, and how do I repay? I absentmindedly leave them at the Regent Hotel in Beijing unaware of my loss until touchdown in LA! 

To make up for my cavalier ways and inability to retrieve my boots from their unknown fate, I'd like to take a moment of silence to make a silent vow to pay homage by keeping their nook on my shoe shelve empty and well-dusted. Well, until I find something similar. Because boots so good deserve to replaced. 

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