Fab Five | Organization Secrets From A Beauty Hoarder

Anyone who has ever been to my house knows that I am a hardcore organized hoarder especially when it comes to beauty products. Even before I started blogging, I was frequenting Sephora on the weekly making ridiculous excuses for why I needed just one more taupe eyeshadow or why purchasing my fiftieth red lipstick was going to be a game changer. Blogging has only fueled my hoarding habits as PR companies and brands have basically become my fairy godmothers. But enough with the bragging. 

As I am a self-proclaimed secret hoarder, over the years I've mastered tricks and tips to keep my addiction tidy and neat so that nobody (mainly just M) will ever try to take my beauties away from me. Here's my fab five secrets on how I keep my beauty hoarding organized and hidden from M.

{nail polish wall}
I often joke that I can open my own nail salon as I currently am the proud owner of over 400 polishes. And instead of hiding them in dark cold places, I decided to show them off by purchasing these stylish nail polish racks to create my own decorative polish wall organized by brand, color, and size. Anyone want to book an appointment at Nailed by Jenny (trademark pending)?

 {decorative boxes}
I just don't have the heart to throw away my pretty candy and jewelry boxes! So I've found a home for them by turning them into homes for new makeup! I keep the boxes on my desk to separate them from the rest of my makeup so that I'm constantly reminded to test out new products.

 {simple human sensor magnifying mirror}
Okay, technically this mirror isn't really a organizational trick but it has keep my makeup looking absolutely tidy and meticulously. I call this my "truth" mirror as the 5x magnifying power along with the LED light reveals every single blackhead, pore, pimple, and anything else that sits on my face. I dread looking at it sans-makeup because this is definitely not a mirror that tells me I'm the fairest of all. But I love it as it has refined the way I apply makeup. I pay closer attention to details which means my eyebrows are always freshly groomed, and I'm able to see and conceal every single imperfection. Honestly, it makes such a difference as I've been getting tons of compliments on my makeup lately.

{fabric boxes}
These days everybody is into acrylics makeup boxes but I've used these affordable fabric boxes from TJ Maxx for years. They're less than $10 a pop, are easily stackable, and come in great decorative colors that work with all kinds of decor so I can slide them into a shelf without worrying about whether they'd color clash. The dividers are great as I can fit pretty much everything from palettes to lipsticks.

{diptyque makeup brush holder}
Okay, if I'm going to pay $65 for candles, I'm definitely going to make the most use out of them. Diptyque candle jars double fabulously as makeup brush holders as they're so clean and pretty adding a dose of Parisian flair to my makeup vanity.

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