Work To Play Style | House Work

Taking my "covered in drywall" home renovation outfit from inside the house to a bridal shower with just a few dressy staples.

Now that our home renovation is getting to the nitty gritty (the middle of our house is literally a sinkhole right now), I've been spending days in sweats covered in dirt and drywall learning about piping, plumbing, tiling, and every other "ing" that exists in the world of reno. But this past weekend, I was forced to get a little ambitious and creative with my home renovation outfit as I had to go straight from house work to a bridal shower.  I opted for all black as it's the easiest color to transition from inside to outside the house. To get ready for the bridal shower, I turned my black headband into a choker as I needed an accessory for the scoop neck sweater, patted off the dust, and dressed up the look with a fitted blazer and my new black heels. 

We're still a long way from the finish line but at least the holes are getting smaller!