Real Talk | Jenny From The Block

Writer's block has set in and unfortunately I'm not tall like Shaq to block it.
For the past month, I've sat in front of and stared at my white home screen for hours, typing, deleting, typing, deleting, a vicious cycle that spurred ingesting many pieces of dark chocolate covered cherries, consumed in frustration but enjoyed nonetheless. I wouldn't call it writer's block because give me a red lipstick or a pair of cute suede booties and I can gush about them in a ten page dissertation or a sonnet (brand's choice). But that's just doing the job of a copywriter. I've always firmly believed that the value in blogging isn't to hock products or to show off all the freebies I get. The value lies in using it as a platform to share anecdotal life stories on what I love, what gets me off, and in that process, get to know myself a little bit better. 

I've never felt more comfortable and more in tune with who I am than right now. And thanks in part to Larry David (more on him in a later post), my voice is perhaps the most authentic and real it's ever been. And you guys, my pun game is at an all-time high! But that voice gets lost in blogslation when diluted for the sake of the business of blogging. So that's why I have writer's block as I'm figuring out how to tell these stories without sacrificing passion or authenticity. 

I've eaten my weight in dark chocolate covered cherries so I'm hopeful the answer is almost within sight. If not, we've got bigger problems than just writer's block!

In the meantime, here's a bunch of photos taken at Bridlewood Winery. The winery is so pretty that even if you're not a wino, you should still go to soak in its beauty.