Summer Travel | On the Go with Skinny Cow

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow.
I can't believe we're a month into summer already! Here's a photo diary of what I've been up to!
Summer loving and living is in full swing and I'm enjoying every minute! As someone who loves to gypsy her way through life, I've been taking every day as an opportunity to discover something new, to seek out new adventures. Whether it's an impromptu return to our family's favorite oasis in the desert for Father's Day, working (out) my way through the workweek at favs like AIR and Cardio Barre, taking a work break by satiating my retail appetite during summer sales at Barney's and Opening Ceremony, or hopping on a weekend getaway just to get away, every moment is seeping with unbridled curiosity. 

 But my flair for improv doesn't exactly complement my regimented summer fitness plan as it's hard to even stick to a meal plan when my plans are constantly tbd. So, I take my Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates with me everywhere I go. It's my secret to carving out some semblance of regularity during times of spontaneity, to rein in the calories when experiencing a sudden and unexpected confrontation with a strawberry cupcake, freshly baked white chocolate chip cookie, or pints of ice cream. At only 150 calories, my Skinny Cow chocolates keep my sweet tooth and fitness plan happy so that I can continue exploring extraordinarily fab moments at home and on the road without any excess baggage!
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