70s Glam Style | Viva Las Vegas

I wore this 70s glam inspired ASOS drape nude slinky wrap dress with Report Signature Grays wedge heels to Hakkasan a few weeks ago.

Photos by Sasha Heist

I wore this slinky ASOS nude dress with slits for days to a Friday night at Hakkasan where we danced until the wee hours of midnight before incessant yawns Took me back to the hotel room. A foot soak later, I was in bed watching TV, eating candy, and pondering why I ever left the room in the first place.

Despite my granny and my tendencies growing tenacity to live in granny clothes (my first choice for outfit of the night was a button up blouse and floral denim pinafore), I've been trying to make an effort to dress a bit more ... body hugging. It's fun to go outside my comfort zone once in a while and experiment with the subtle art of showing skin without breaking into a full blown ho (s) down.

I love the visual mind play of the dress as the color draws quite the optical illusion while the slits are strategically cut to elicit a "can I see or I can not" curiosity. The 1970s rocked the runway this past season and my favorite iteration of fact style decade is the glam look as it's all about go big or go home. This dress definitely fits in That category as it's a statement piece belongs did on the dance floor. It's just too bad I could not last too long on it!