My Skincare Routine | Hydrate

This post is sponsored by Target. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I'm super excited to share how I'm winning the fight against dry skin with water-based skincare products from Target!

The benefits of living in SoCal are endless. There's the four seasons of summer, the leaning tower of palm trees, watching the sun rise over the ocean and watching it set behind snowy moutainscapes. In LA, you pretty much have the key to unlock any possibilities. But one drawback to living in postcard paradise is the dry weather! For years I've battled combination skin where an oily T-zone produces excessive sebum leading to acne and blackheads while the rest of my face is perpetually parched thirsting for hydration and moisture.

In the past I've tried combating the problem by using acne cleansers and alcohol-based toners that strip all traces of moisture from my skin and then replenishing the loss with heavy cream based moisturizers. The result? My face was an oil slick! The creams stayed afloat on the surface of my skin creating a superficial layer of oily shine. I was oily, not hydrated.

I was determined to make a change. After hearing about the wonders of water-based products, I went to Target to explore their selection and try a few new things. They've been working! In the mornings, after cleansing my face, I moisturize with both a serum and a water-based moisturizer. I like Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced serum as it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. I love the velvety texture which helps to create a smooth canvas. I follow with Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, a Huffington Post Best in Beauty award winner. The gel is light, absorbs into the deeper layers, and keeps my skin supple and hydrated all day. 

Every night I cover my face with a hydration mask before going to bed. I alternate between an old standby and a new favorite. I've been using Laneige Water Sleeping Pack for years as it's gentle enough for everyday use and locks in moisture all night. When I wake up, my skin feels smooth and a bit dewy. When the weather gets stubbornly dry, I use Olay Regenerist Luminous Sleeping Gel Mask. Infused with skin regenerating Vitamin B3 and mulberry extract, the mask is a bit more intense, perfect to quench the thirst of the SoCal drought.

If you have dry skin, I highly recommend immersing your skin in water-based skincare products. I promise you'll notice a difference right away!

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