LA Staycation | The Langham Pasadena

Wearing a romantic Lulu*s top,  I spent a serene and idyllic Valentine's Day weekend at The Langham Pasadena. The hotel is a childhood love that I never stop loving. 

I grew up admiring The Langham Pasadena. Nestled amongst estates sprawled across tree-lined streets on the border of San Marino and Pasadena, the hotel epitomizes regal beauty. Growing up in Arcadia, I passed by it quite frequently and would sometimes take a detour just to get a glimpse. Every time the hotel came into view, I held my breath. I fantasized about the guests that stayed there-nobility, prince of Croatia, maybe a Maharaja. 

With age came treasured moments to visit the hotel. Whether to attend a wedding, indulge in Sunday brunch, or treat a best friend to birthday tea and spa day, every visit to The Langham was always a special reprieve, a momentary escape from reality. 

I'm lucky to have spent Valentine's Day weekend at one of my childhood loves. These photos were snapped inside the room as I watched the sun quietly set over the San Gabriel Mountains, They capture one girl's joy at being inside the walls of a longing fantasy that became a weekend reality.