The Secret to A Smaller Slimmer Thinner Face

After Wednesday night's gut wrenching sodium enriching Chinese New Year marathon dinner, I woke up yesterday looking like Jigglypuff. I have a naturally fuller face so it puffs up at the first sign of any aberration. To combat this, I have amassed an arsenal of products and techniques to slim the face and attack the face bloat from all fronts.

{Kusmi Detox Green Tea}

The loose leaf green tea acts as a diuretic flushing toxins out of the body while the added lemongrass aids with digestion.  I brew and drink this tea throughout the day. 

{Sweat Yoga}

Facial bloat is caused by water retention so sweating it out will definitely help with depuffing. I went to Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica a few weeks ago and loved the intensity and the feeling of fat melting off. It's almost as hot as Bikram but just cool enough to stave off passing out.

{Post-dinner walks}

After a big meal, I make the repeating mistake of falling victim to food coma. Take a fifteen minute stroll. Staying vertical and active after a meal will help with digestion and gravity pulls sodium bloat away from your face.

{IT Cosmetics Vitality Anti-Aging Face Disk}

This long-lasting palette is amazing! I use the matte bronzer along my jawline and temple to narrow the face, the coral blush to bring out the apples of my cheek, and brush the highlighter above my brows and top of the cheek to infuse a bright glow. The conturing creates dimension and offsets facial roundness.

{Tri-Pollar Stop}

I recently started using the Tri-Pollar Stop radio frequency anti-aging device as it claims to lift, tone, stimulate collagen production, and slim the face. Tri-Pollar's RF technology is a mainstay at medical offices so its expansion into home devices is quite exciting. I have a good feeling about this product!

{Face Massages}

Recommended by my esthetician and all Asian moms, face massages help to relax the face muscles while aiding with circulation, toning, and lifting. Twice a week, I give myself a face rubdown with the help of my Olay Luminous Facial Oil and this video. 

{Epicuren InstantLife Cream}

This cream works! And the effect is immediate. Seconds after application, my face feels tighter and more contoured. I'm not sure about its long-lasting effects but it's definitely a great product for immediate slimming and perfect before a big event.  

{Part Hair to the Side}

When all else fails to slim down my face, I throw a Hail Mary and part my hair to the side as the part covers half my face making it look less round.

What are your face slimming secrets? Share!!!