{GBF Travel | Stay With Me}

My stay at Hotel Monaco Denver was perfect from the first bite of red bean macaron to the last chewy red bean mochi morsel. 

A luxury Kimpton hotel situated in the heart of Denver, the interior is decorated with bold colors and striking textures that bring out its warmth and fun quirks. Special amenities like daily hosted wine hour and complimentary bike rentals elevate the hotel to a level of sheer fabulousness. 

But what really stands out is the impeccable service. From the moment I checked in, I was greeted by name by every single hotel staff. And that was just the beginning. In my room, a plate of perfectly shaped red bean macarons sprawled out on the table waiting to be photographed then devoured. Next to it sat a fishbowl with a goldfish intermittently swimming inside. I named him Sunshine and he became my pet for the next forty-eight hours. The next day, two perfect red bean mochi balls replaced the macarons. How did they know about my red bean obsession? How did they know? 


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