{GBF Travel + Style | All Hail Vail}

After soaking up Denver's unseasonal sunny rays, we made the climb to higher altitudes. 

We found our way to Glenwood Springs, a naturalist's wonderland perched forty miles west of Vail. There, we hiked the rocky terrains of the Rocky Mountains to Hanging Lake where reward was reaped. A breathtaking panoramic view of waterfall meets sprawling lake meets chiseled canyons opened our eyes to the natural beauty of Colorado. After experiencing the best hike of my life, I was on an euphoric adrenaline high (perhaps fueled by the thinning air) as we made our way to Vail Cascade Resort & Spa, our home for the night.

Upon our arrival, we were gifted with the most perfect moment. As we got to the hotel and stepped out of the car and into the frosty night, tiny flickers of snow emerged from thin air cascading gently into the ground. After checking in and unlocking the door to our luxe but cozy suite, I let out a big sigh. A snowy night in Vail. How perfect!

The next morning, I woke up bright and early, opened the patio door, and walked alongside the creek in the hotel's "backyard" for a morning stroll. The chilly fall air, the nearly neon yellow foliage, and the white noise-like sound of the trickling water simultaneously calmed and piqued my senses. I could've and would've stayed out there all day but the snow dropped back in. So I retreated to the hotel's library where stacks of books, games of chess, and a Wii served up enough entertainment for the rest of the day and stay in Vail. 

jacket {Three of Something}
sweater {unknown | similar}
pants {Kitson}


  1. Love the pretty pop of pink from the beanie to the outfit! The large collars of the jacket is really chic too!


  2. Great photos! The lodge looks like it jumped right out of a movie!


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