{GBF Moments | VMAs + Emmys Surreality: A Photo Diary}

I'm still walking on cloud nine as the surreality of my VMA and Emmys supersized weekend have yet to transcend into the realm of reality. I have to keep looking at my photos to make sure the weekend wasn't a figment of my imagination, that I didn't dream the whole thing up after a mega perezhilton.com sesh. Thank you Caress, Dove, TRESemme, and Degree for the once in a lifetime invitation to experience Hollywood at its most fabulous! 

Here's a play by play of what I saw, what I ate, what I experienced, and of course, what I wore!

I check into the Ritz Carlton at L.A. Live, my home base for the next few days with a heavy garment bag, an overstuffed duffle bag, and enough backup phone juice to last through rolls of blackouts. The service at the Ritz is impeccable. The moment I walk in, I'm greeted by name (how did they know?!), a trend that continues for the next three days. 
I make my way up to the pool deck for a few moments of calm. The scene is unreal as an intimate and crystal clear pool is flanked by sprawling view of Downtown LA. Word on the street is that Kobe has an apartment at the Ritz. He was not at the pool. 
We meet in the lobby. Our group is comprised of beauty editors from Refinery29, Brydie, Popsugar, Glam, and Beauty High. Three black Escalades pull up and whisk us off to The Standard. We're treated to a gifting suite where I fawn over jewelry from Linanoel and Bare Collection. After two hours of trying on everything in sight, I decide on a hand chiseled bracelet from Bare. It's perfect for the red carpet.
We head down to a private room inside the hotel where we bond over mac 'n' cheese balls, sliders, and ping pong. It's not your typical pre-award show meal but it was so much more satisfying than chugging kale juice. We're definitely not on a red carpet cleanse. 
After making a pit stop at Grand Central Market for some McConnell's ice cream, we head back to the hotel. The peaceful and soothing story line of turf war between Miami drug cartels playing out on Drugs, Inc lull me to sleep.

{VMA Sunday}
We're up bright and early. The same Escalades and their accompanying men in black pick us up and take us to The Main Barre for a morning workout hosted by Degree Women. I was expecting a fun hour of light stretching and posing without breaking much of a sweat. I was wrong. Anna Kaiser, a petite ball of energy worked us to our core incorporating a mix of dance and strengthening exercises that made me want to cower into fetal position halfway through the class. But I fought it and managed to finish the class without vomiting. Cathartic. 
Still recuperating from the workout, I get back to the hotel and replenish with products from the thoughtful gift basket sent by Tresemme, Degree, and Caress. I proceed to eat my gummi bears and wash it down with red wine while taking a shower. I'm an excellent multitasker. 
I brought a bevy of outfits for the weekend and wore them during group activities. This Cynthia Rowley skirt was a fav and I paired it with my Jewel Toned mini dress and my Nicole by Nicole Miller necklace from JCPenney
I head down to the TRESemme glam lounge at the Ritz salon. My makeup artist Anna Branson is quirky, funny, and talented. In between brush strokes, we giggle.

I'm in the hair styling chair and asks for the Jessica Rabbit.

I'm back in my room getting ready and can't help but admire and take in the beauty of my city and this weekend.
I don't own a lot of dressy clutches but managed to find a few at the eleventh hour at T.J. Maxx. So clutch!

Kate, my fabulous photographer arrives. We take outfit photos on the rooftop. I love this shot of my Tacori and JCPenney jewelry against the downtown backdrop.

Group photo before we head off to the VMAs! It's a glam version of prom!
The one hour limo ride to The Forum was entertaining. We debated the merits of "Rude" by Magic!, voted on our post-VMA meal (In-n-Out by a landslide), and fashion policed the VMA attendees that walked by.

One minute before the doors close but I gotta get my Instagram #ootn photo of my Nicole Miller dress!

We made it! Queen Bey and fam WAS the VMAs.
After the show, we wolf down our burgers at In-n-Out Inglewood and head back to the hotel.  A special delivery of milk and cookies from our thoughtful hosts sits bedside beckoning to be devoured. As I generously dunk the cookies into a trough of milk, I convince myself that tonight I am not lactose intolerant.  

{Emmys Monday}
 To wake myself up, I take a shot of milk and cookie. Then I head to the Dove breakfast presentation where we celebrate the launch of their Deep Moisture body wash which promises more lather and smoother and softer skin after just one wash. I make a mental note to take the #oneshowerchallenge to test out their newest formulation. I sneak a couple of flying doves back to the room. Instead of freeing them, I eat them.

I have a few moments of downtime so I join Sydne on a leisure downtown stroll. My Little Mistress maxi dress and my new Justfab Jubilee satchel join us for the walk.

A sweat mustache breaks out if I don't know where everything is so I decide to set out the day's essentials.

I pick out my Emmy baubles from Dolores Petunia, Nicole by Nicole Miller, and Erickson Beamon. The bling is blinding!
My T.J. Maxx clutch is the perfect color for my Emmy dress but there's only room for the essentials which I interpret to be chocolate, red lipstick, and rose perfume. 
I put on my Jewel Toned mini dress which is actually shapewear that I'll be wearing underneath my Emmys dress. It's super comfortable, holds everything in place, and perfect to wear during another round of hair and makeup.
 I used Vensette, an on-demand beauty service that sends vetted hair and makeup artists to your door for my Emmys hair and makeup. Cristina arrived within twenty minutes of my request and does a fabulous job within an hour!
Prom pic take two! My dress is from Rent The Runway.
We're at the Emmys! I had so much fun this weekend hanging out with new friends and fellow LA girls Faith from Brydie and Kirby from Popsugar.
I manage to sneak up to the front of the theatre to take in the front row action. I geek out over Kevin Spacey, Lena Dunham, and the cast of Silicon Valley who happen to play geeks on the show.
Showtime! Seth Meyers is funny, the presenters are charming, and the kiss between Walter White and Elaine is pure Hollywood magic. 
I quickly change into my sultry AQ/AQ Lexi dress and Dolores Petunia crystal collar necklace for the Governor's Ball. AQ/AQ is dead center on my radar right now as they have a great fall collection filled with cocktail and evening dresses that manage to exude both cool and sexy. 
My jaw drops once I step inside the Governor's Ball. Lasers are bouncing off the walls in every direction. A sea of beautiful people crowd the massive space. There's a candy/wine bar tailor made for sugar fiends like myself. I dance, I eat, I drink, I celebrate like I've just won an Emmy.
After waking up early to hit the fitness center for a quick elliptical session, I take the Dove #oneshowerchallenge and am happy to report that the lather and smooth skin is the real deal.
My last meal in the land of surreality. 
Before checking out and checking back into reality, I take one last photo to remind myself this wasn't a dream. It went down and it went fabulously!

{live fabulously}