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When I hear "spring cleaning," I think of Danny Tanner, the sweater vest wearing patriarch and obsessive compulsive neat freak on Full House. Cleaning was his sport and spring cleaning was his Superbowl. He enjoyed the annual event immensely as it presented the opportunity to deep clean-to lift up and wipe underneath the rug, to clean behind the fridge, and to find a way to vacuum the vacuum cleaner. 

Inspired by Mr. Tanner, I've begun the process of a deep spring cleaning, an expunging and rebuilding of my life angled with a 360 approach. It started with a three-day Pressed Juicery cleanse and has now moved onto my home. With the help of The Good Home Co, I've replaced all my cleaning supplies and home fragrances with their natural products which are all biodegradable, plant-based, and free from chemicals and animal testing. It's incredible how a few small changes can change so much.
In the mornings, it's soothing to breathe in the gentle scent of lavender while washing my Blendtec after making my daily smoothie that's mixed with protein powder, spinach, almond milk, flaxseed, and ground sesame.  
Perfuming my lingerie drawer (my Adore Me sets sits at the top) with fragrant sachets means the first thing I put on smells like the refreshing scent of fresh cut grass.
Although peonies are not yet in season, their warm embrace greets me the moment I walk in the door as a few drops of the Peony scented oil fills my living room with my favorite flower.
Kicked out of my overstuffed closets, some of my shoes are displayed on the bookshelf, a fitting tribute as they are truly works of art. The satchets are there...just in case.
       White decor themes my home yet it's a fragile color that requires diligent cleaning. Once reserved      solely for the work of damp towels, I now use glass and surface cleaner on all my white surfaces as I no longer fear chemical abrasions.

Every night, I lightly mist my pillows with Beach Days so that I drift off into sleep dreaming of the waves of Sunset Beach and the pristine crystal blue waters of Kailua.

And in the powder room where I put on my face, the process feels more simplified even though I'm constantly trying new products and working on a new "face" as I get to do it while escaping to the beach.

Spring cleaning has transformed my home into a place of escape, refuge, and sanctuary so that when I'm home, I feel at peace and...at home.

Much thanks to The Good Home Co. and Danny Tanner. 

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