{GBF How I Wear Rain Boots in LA} Drizzle

 A few weeks ago it rained in LA. So the city went into apocalypse mode as cars started acting like chickens with their heads cut off, flash warnings were splattered across every local news show, and everybody canceled plans so they could stay in as they didn't have Noah to part the sea of rain for them. Only in LA...

Here in LA, wearing rain boots during the occasional days of rain is a tricky proposition as the weather doesn't drop to ghastly cold temperatures to warrant a head to toe "it's fcking cold" outfit. And in fact, even a trench coat might be a bit too bulky for the temperate drizzle weather. Tucking jeans into rain boots is an obvious choice but due to my clumsy nature, specks of muddy rain water inevitably fleck on the denim so during the Storm of the Century, I opted to pair my Joules USA rain boots (love their amazing selection of whimsical prints and colors) with a comfy sweatshirt layered over a denim shirt for warmth, a black skirt because it just wasn't that cold, and knee high socks to balance out the outfit and to keep my legs warm. Only in LA can I get away with wearing a skirt in the rain!

denim shirt {Bella Dahl}
sweatshirt {Sauce | similar}
flared skirt {Charlotte Russe c/o | similar}
rainboots {Joules USA c/o}
clutch {vintage | similar}
necklace {ShopLately | similar}

{live fabulously}