{GBF Life + Style} My Road to Fashion Law Part I

People frequently ask me how I became a fashion lawyer. After all, parallels between law and fashion intuitively run in perpendicular directions. So, here's my story. 

{Part I}
When I was in law school, I met a friend who was a designer at Joie. What a huge relationship coup! Although I obsessively followed fashion via blogs and magazines, I was always an outside observant, a Jane Goddall of fashion as my social circle orbited around aspiring lawyers, accountants, and doctors. I was knowledgeable about the fashion industry but I didn't know it. My designer friend and I would chat for hours about fashion trends, emerging designers, and the denim revolution. She was my very first link to a world I longed to be in but lacked the key to unlock the door. 

One day, she invited me to tour the Joie corporate headquarters. I had to miss part of my Business Law class but that's just penny pinching. At their Vernon office, I saw sketches, production samples, and a slew of fashionistas creating beautiful things. I was so excited to see the inner workings of a fashion company for the very first time yet a bit disappointed as it was a stark contrast from the pantsuit career I was embarking on. Before we left, my friend introduced me to an executive who casually mentioned that they were thinking of hiring an in-house counsel. Right then and there, the idea of being a lawyer working at a fashion company incepted into my mind. I could ditch the pantsuit and keep the law degree!

Although I didn't end up becoming in-house counsel at Joie, I did host a Girl's Night Out party at their Pasadena store last week. Life evolves ever so unpredictably and fabulously! 

top{Joie c/o} 
shorts {vintage}
shoes {Shoedazzle c/o}
sunnies {TOMS "Bellevue" c/o}
purse {vintage Hermes}
necklace {J.Crew}

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