{GBF Fab Finds} Boy Meets Girl

With fashion week less than a week away, I've got New York on my mind. For eight days, I'll be traversing the concrete jungle attending runway shows, business meetings, and sparkly parties which means I'm in DEFCON 5 outfit planning mode. Prep time is split between ferociously scouring editorials in the September issues, pinning street style inspirations, and plopping down in the middle of my closet combing through options until my eyes glaze over and my mind skips over to images of dancing glazed donuts.

One particular style theme that's piquing my interest is the juxtaposition between feminine and masculine. It's a theme that casts a wide-net as endless iterations and interpretations can be imagined, created, and executed. My interpretation is spawned by my developing obsession with the Chanel boy bag and my eternal fawning over florals. When paired together, it's a fabulous "boy meets girl" collision as the frou frou aura of a floral print dress adds whimsy to the simplistic and linear look of a structured flap bag.

Whether you're looking for couture inspiration or are ready to make your next fab buy, here are three of my favorite boy bags and their girly floral counterparts.
Fab couture
{top row} Chanel boy bag  | Red Valentino DressValentino dress 

{live fabulously}