{GBF Life + Style} Tread Or Sink

Do you know what's more terrifying than posting swimsuit pictures on a public blog? Having to tread water for three minutes to pass the swim test in high school. You don't pass, you don't graduate. By the time I got to 12th grade, I had already failed it twice. I could swim but I never learned to tread as the idea of splashing around looking like a waddling dog just wasn't very enticing. So I just kept retaking the test hoping against hope the swim instructor wouldn't notice I had one leg propped against the edge of the pool. I even tried distracting him with grotesque facial expressions emoting pain and agony. But he had laser sharp vision that saw through my horrible acting and the eight feet deep pool.

After I got accepted to USC, I realized I couldn't let a stupid test of physicality stop me from pursuing higher education and achieving lawyer acuity.  I also got sick of seeing people (myself included) throw up after the swim test. So I asked Dad to teach me to tread. Our first few lessons were total fails. I just didn't understand how to stay afloat. As I kept sinking, so did my morale and just when I thought I was destined to become a high school version of Van Wilder, Dad said to me, "Jenny, did you know that if you tread water, you won't get your hair or face wet in the pool?" Oh, that's good to know. That day was our very last lesson. I passed the stupid test and treaded from Van Wilder to Elle Woods. All I needed was the right motivation. 

.I was motivated to wear my LUXE by Lisa Vogel two piece swimsuit from Swimspot in Vegas last week because the shape and color are absolute classics. The halter shape top enhances what needs to be enhanced while the low cut banded bikini bottom flattens what needs to be flattened. It gives me the confidence to tread through bathing suit season!

two piece bikini c/o Swimspot
shortalls: no idea {similar}
shoes c/o Soludos
baseball cap: Forever21

{live fabulously}