{Elizabeth Charles Spring Outfits} Love, Requited

Do you know what's the most amazing feeling in the world? When you find out the object of your affection doesn't object to your affections. Up until high school, all of my great loves went unrequited and were one-sided tragedies that played out as love stories in my head. So when I finally got a taste of requited love in ninth grade, my mind was blown. It was so nice to have the love of my life actually know my name. I'd been missing out!

I first laid eyes on Elizabeth Charles on a beautiful New York day a few years ago. I was in the city on a weekend shopping bender (how can you be in NYC and NOT binge shop?) and was knee deep in shopping bags and about to wave the white flag and flag down a yellow cab when I saw Elizabeth Charles on Hudson Street. Even though I was exhausted, I went into the cozy boutique with a voracious and curious appetite. Inside, I found a well-curated selection of hard to find high-end designer brands from all over the world. I dropped my bags and proceeded to browse through every single piece of wearable art, excited to discover new designers, inspired by all that unfolded before my line of sight. On that day, my skin came into contact with Karen Walker and Vanessa Bruno for the very first time.  

Over the years,  I continued admiring EC from a distance by shopping their online store. It was an expected unrequited love. But just like when I hit puberty in ninth grade, things change. I'm excited to announce I'm featured on the Elizabeth Charles website! Check out my interview and top spring picks!

Just like that, my one-sided crush blossomed into a relationship. It's a bi-coastal long distance relationship but in this case, distance only makes the heart grow fonder. Plus, they have a second fabulous boutique in San Francisco which I plan on visiting as often as possible. Love needs be nurtured! To celebrate my requited love, I worked with photographer Sabrina Hill to style and shoot a few of my favorite spring pieces from Elizabeth Charles New York. 

{first look} Kenzo cardigan, Vanessa Bruno tank, Jen Kao skirt, United Nude sandals
{second look} Pierre Balman sleeveless shirt, Nightcap jeans, CR varsity jacket
{third look} Isabel Marant dress, Chloe sandals, Sedgwick clutch
{jewelry} Taara Mai Ogi ring

{live fabulously}