{GBF Life} Made by Mom

When I was growing up, Shanghai was not a fashion capital as the handful of boutiques and department stores offered a small selection of domestic styles which all morphed into one another. Plus, very few people had coffers of disposal income to spend on fashion. Yet I was keenly aware of the need to dress up at a very young age and recall twirling in my sky blue cotton dress during recess in preschool trying to capture the attention of a certain caped crusader (a boy in my class who wore a red velvet cape to school. My taste in men has since changed). Even at a young age, I was drawn to the mesmerizing power of fashion. 

Instead of dressing me in drab, Mom made all my clothes. She'd tear out pages from magazines picked up on her overseas business trips and copy the styles seam by seam. She was an impeccable seamstress, a talented knitter and had an instinctive knack for making pretty things. At night and on weekends, she'd be bent over the sewing machine putting together her latest fashion creation or knitting away while watching TV or playing with me.  If I hold absolutely still, I can still hear the rhythmic sound of her sewing machine zigging away.  I wish I still had some of the clothes she made for me as they're more valuable than anything in my closet as every fiber was made with mom's love.

Happy Mother's Day! 
{outfits 1-4} c/o Mom


This Mothers Day, Wet n Wild Beauty has collaborated with the Noreen Fraser Foundation to support women’s cancer research. Together, they have created the Extraordinary #MOMents campaign, encouraging individuals to enter why their mom is extraordinary! 

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{live fabulously}